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Name of the Product : Aging Vacuum Oven
Name of the Model : : AVO-27

It is a chamber that requires vacuum in heating treatment such as semiconductors, organic displays, wafer and so on. (All products of our IREA TECH have been produced and manufactured under The Act of Industrial Safety and Health.)


Specialty: It can be manufactured in different sizes according to our customers’ need such as large vacuum oven. Temperature range is also controllable based on our customers’ usage. Interior quality and heating method can be suitably applied as well by temperature range. Cooling device is optional by rise in temperature and its falling conditions.



  1. PID Auto-Tuning Programmable Controller : Auto-Tuning; Controlling exact

    temperature by finding PID value within its surroundings. (Touch Screen Monitor is optional)


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    It has strong durability against especially drying solvents or corrosive


  2. Corners are designed in round for easy cleaning.

  3. Stainless shelf is outstanding in delivering heat as well as durability and corrosion-resistance. (General aluminum tray)

    Its doors are dual-structures and tempered glass is formed to penetrate through inside.

  4. The glass door is formed to easily close because it has less resistance against its packing and it precisely maintains to be sealed during vacuum. (Easy to observe inside)

  5. The quality of packing is made of high temp. grade silicon, and its sealing efficiency is excellent. (When using regular vacuum pump- 0.01 torr, diffusion pump – 10(-5)torr, low vacuum is also possible, optional)

  6. Vacuum lines and its termination lines are separated, vacuum lines can be quickly and digitally set as vacuum pitting.

  7. By using digital vacuum controller and Pirani guage, vacuum degree can be set as cycle. (Optional)

  8. Over temperature limit system automatically shuts down the power when the temperature is overly too high. It also prevents from fire and performs safe operation. Its structure is to emit gas in high temperature.

    Vacuum, termination, and emission parts have their own closing lines.

  9. When using Wafer, you may purchase additional carrier.


  1. Safety Device


  2. Grounding connection : Based on KS(Korea Industrial Standard)

  3. Wiring system : based on wiring standard (KS)

  4. All output terminals are adhered with groundings and ELB (protecting the user from a fault current.

  5. Twin switch safety instrument

  6. Short circuit breaker

  7. Protection safety fuse

  8. Solid stage relays

  9. Digital voltage meter (option)

  10. Digital ampare meter (option)

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