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Name of the Product : Explosion-Proof Vacuum Oven
Name of the Model : : AT-VO-150S

  1. Product Description

  2. Our explosion-Proof Vacuum Oven is a device that induces evaporation in low temperature, which extremely controls reactions with oxygen in the state of vacuum from materials containing explosive solvents. This product is used to dry explosive reagents which could be dangerous when contacted with oxygen. Even when used in the explosion-proof area, it should be manufactured as following structures. (legally required)

  3. It is used when you need chemical materials that are completely dried by eliminating solvents’ residue or little amount of moisture in the state of powder or resin.

  4. Is is used to completely separate solvents from materials without occurring changes of state(boiling or dissembling) in the materials which that contain moisture or other solvents.

  5. When drying or evaporating solvents that have high boiling points, it is better to dry them in vacuum in terms of speed or efficiency. It becomes easier to dry in the state of vacuum because the boiling points of the solvent decreases very much.

  6. It is a device that extremely controls reactions with oxygen while drying in high temperature, which is very effective to dry explosive reagents when contacted with oxygen.

  7. When drying solid media within anaerobic conditions, it can block penetration of dissolved oxygen. Although specimens that are hardly dried in the atmospheric pressure due to their compacted organic tissues, it is still easy to dry in the state of vacuum.

  8. It is easy for a long-term observational experiment of vacuum-packed food. You are expected to receive more accurate results in the amount of moisture.

  1. Product Characteristics

  2. This product is composed of a body, a compartment(optional), vacuum system, and temperature control system. Vacuum system is consisting of vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, and vacuum valve. In accordance with user’s need, vacuum pump is optional. (It’s dry pump method.)




  1. Name and description of each part of the product


  1. Temperature Controller : has functions to set up workable temperature(ST-370)

  2. Analogue vacuum gauge: Display vacuum degrees of the chamber in an analogue type.

  3. Temperature Timer: Set 7)Timer switch on, it will start operating as it reaches the set temperature.(First two digits : 99Hr, Last two digits: 59min)

  4. Vacuum Pump Switch : Turn this ON when operating vacuum pump.

  5. Overtemp Limit : Set up 30 degrees higher than current temperature . It’s a two-level safety device.

  6. Hetater Switch: Press on the button when temperate increases

  7. Timer Switch:When it is ON, it will operate as much as its set time after reaching certain temperature. If you do not turn on the switch, you may consistently use it.(Heater will not be turned off.)

  8. Main Power Switch: A switch that supplies its main power.

  9. Buzzer: It will sound when there are problems with vacuum pump, water pump, or it is overheated.

  10. Vacuum Pump: KDP-150(Refer to the attached manual)



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