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Name of the Product : Halogen(Radiation)-Heating Method Vacuum Oven
Name of the Model : : VO-600S

  1. Product Description

  2. Halogen-method heating vacuum oven induces a faster-temperature rise and temperature control within a short period of time by emitting radiant heat as opposed to currently existing heat-conducting method.

  3. Product Characteristics

  4. This product is composed of a body, vacuum system, halogen temperature-control system, and cold trap system. Vacuum system is consisted of vacuum pump and vacuum valve. Vacuum pump is optional in accordance with user’s need. Temperature control system is consisted of K-type sensor, PLC, Cold Trap Bath, and heater. The temperature controller can especially control output power along with PID control in a program.


This product has such specialties as mentioned below for user’s safety and convenience in experiments.

  1. Interior part of the product is made of stainless steel, for user’s safety, inner glass is made of tempered glass for him/her to easily observe inside.

  2. Temperature control method of the product is PID(Proportional Integral Differential) method, which supplies its maximum power near its set temperature. When it reaches its set temperature, power will be regularly supplied to minimize difference in temperature and maintain its stability along together.

  3. Temperature sensor is being attached to nearby inner specimens which accurately controls temperature of specimens.

  4. For user’s safety, it is manufactured for exterior part of the product not to be heated by installing an insulator in between inner and outer parts.


  1. Names of each part

  2. Cooling Blower

  3. Panel PC

  4. < >

    Light bar

  5. Observing glass

  6. PLC Main Power


       13)USB Port: Device for records

       14)Line Controller Switch

       15)Other functional Switch

       16)Auto Start/Stop Switch

       17)Emergency Stop Switch

       18)Main Power Switch

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