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Name of the Product : Double-coned Rotating Vacuum Drier
Name of the Model : : RV-400

Specialty: It is a rotary vacuum dryer that dries granula types of agricultural products in stable temperature. By using warm water, it suits to dry specimens which are generally sensitive to temperature change, especially drying easily-breakable specimen in a short period of drying time.


  1. PID Auto-Tuning Programmable Controller : Auto-Tuning; Controlling exact

    temperature by finding PID value within its surroundings. (Touch Screen Monitor and PLC are optional) –


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    It has strong durability against especially drying solvents or corrosive


  2. Corners are designed in round for easy cleaning.

  3. By using digital vacuum controller and Pirani guage, vacuum degree can be set as cycle. (PLC Control - Optional)

  4. Based on temperature range, it is possible to use heat carrier in various forms.


Safety Device

  • Grounding connection : Based on KS(Korea Industrial Standard)

  • Wiring system : based on wiring standard (KS)

  • All output terminals are adhered with groundings and ELB (protecting the user from a fault current.

  • Twin Switch Safety Instrument

  • Short Circuit Breaker

  • Protection Safety Fuse-Solid Stage Relays

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