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Name of the Product: : Vacuum Impregnator
Name of the Model: : VC-360(300L~1600L)


Product Characteristics

  • Our vacuum impregnator is semi-permanent that has an elegant design that makes controlling simple and easy in terms of assembling and disassembling.

  • This device is to help to restore relics stably within the process of restoring trees or metals found in the ancient ruins.

  • It is to easily help in coating needed in things such as condenser, cable, coil, electric machines, casting components, sintering metal, fiber, timber, leather..etc


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    It has a strong durability on impregnating solvents of relics or semiconductors as well as corrosive materials.

  • Corners are designed in round for easy cleaning

  • Doors are structured in air-cylinders and twelve tons of bullet-proof glass is also composed of to observe inside.

  • The quality of packing is made of high temp. grade silicon, and its sealing efficiency is excellent. (0.1 torr at 20 degrees Celsius)

  • Vacuum lines and its closing lines are separated; vacuum lines can be quickly and digitally set as vacuum pitting. (Optional)

  • Pump and Cold trap can be integrally manufactured. (Optional)

  • Bullet-proof glass door is structured to easily close since there is less resistance by packing when closing the door. When vacuum, it maintains a complete enclosure. (easy to observe inside)


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