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Name of the Product : Semiconductor-Packaging Autoclave
Name of the Model : : PC-50F


  1. Product description(Semiconductor Packaging Autoclave)

  2. This chamber is a pressurizing device, which extremely controls reactions with oxygen in the state of high-temperature. This must not be used in products being at risk of explosion when contacting oxygen.


Product characteristics

This product is composed of a body, a compartment, pressuring system, and temperature control system. Temperature-control system is consisted of CA type sensor, temperature controller, and a heater. Temperature controller is capable of controlling heater’s output capacity along with PID control. When heater’s output value is higher than its setting value, you should stop heater’s output control.

Pressurizing system is consisted of pressurizing device and a safety valve. It also has a pressure-resistant vessel that can be used up to 20.0 bar. Its safety valve is made for 21kg/cm2 to be used up to 20kg/cm2. (at room temperature)


This product is manufactured for user’s experimental safety and convenience. Its characteristics are mentioned below.


  1. Interior part of the product was made with stainless steel.

  2. Temperature control method of the product is PID(PROPORTIONAL INTEGRAL DIFFERENTIAL)method, Temperature control method of the product is PID(Proportional Integral Differential) method, which supplies its maximum power near its set temperature. When it reaches its set temperature, power will be regularly supplied to minimize difference in temperature and maintain its stability along together.

  3. Temperature sensor is being attached to nearby inner specimens which accurately controls temperature of specimens.




  1. Names of every part & its description (8 magazine type)


    <front view>


<side view>


  1. Temperature & Pressure Controller: Controlling the device & monitoring(partial)

  2. Temp Indicator1, 2: Indicator that monitors temperature inside the chamber

  3. Emergency Stop : By pressing emergency stop button, all operations will be terminated but pressure inside the chamber is still retained.

  4. Analogue gauge: It shows pressure (0~35kg/cm2)

  5. Manual Vent Valve: It uses to emit pressure when abnormally terminated.

  6. Pressure Open/Close : When manually operated, it applies pressure inside the chamber.

  7. Heater & Fan Power: It should be turned ON when manually operated.

  8. Main Power : It applies the main power to the device. (Control Power)

  9. Alarm/Finish buzzer: It beeps when alarmed and operation is finished.

  10. Buzzer stop : It turns off the buzzer when alarmed.

  11. Safety reset s/w: It resets after initial start-up of the machine and emergency stop are clear.

  12. Main Power(ELCB): It applies the main power to the machine. (Includes regular power)


<Interior Driving Part>



  1. Flow S/W: It is to detect cooling water of Fan instruments

  2. Safety Valve: Secondary safety device. It forces to vent when pressure exceeds more than 9.5kg/cm2

  3. Seal Vacuum pump: It functions to pull the seal when pressuring out.

  4. Air booster: It is used to increase input pressure to maintain 10kg/cm2

  5. Pnumetic valve: Valve to control pressure & door seal

  6. Pressure Tank: auxiliary tank(maintains 10kg/cm2 during operation)


Cooling option

-Sizes are changeable in accordance with your demand. (optional)



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