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Name of the Product : : Autoclave(automatic type-bonding LCD mobile phone screen)
Name of the Model : : PC-1200F

Autoclave(Automatic-switched pressurizing oven for constant temperature)

  • Bonding with LCD, PDP, aging semiconductors, mobile phone screens, to remove voids, and touch panels.

  • It carries out to vacuum, pressurize, and heat at the same time. (option)

  • < >’s a must-have manufacturing device in electronic component industry

    Used for aging, removing bubbles, and checking cracks of LCD, batteries, mobile phone screens.

  • According to the enforcement of UL condition for exporting to America,

    it simultaneously vacuum and pressure.

  • Full Automatic Controller with touch screen.(option)

  • Mechanical seal with Blower fan to control distribution structures of the interior temperature.

  • Various safety devices are installed.(safety valve, alarm, input switch, automatic emitting fuction)

  • Precise and accurate temperature & pressure control device.

  • Functions to control vacuum degree if necessary

  • By controlling fan speed, it prevents products from being sloppy, and maximizes its efficiency.

  • Use a chiller for cooling the chamber.




  • Highly-intensified packing structure helps in maintaining vacuum and pressure.

  • By vacuum cooling, its adhesive strengths will improve.(use integral chiller)

  • Over Temp. Limit System automatically shuts down the power when it is highly heated. It functions to run safety operation along with prevent it from fire.

  • Pressure breakage button is rudimentarily installed for failures occurring in high-voltage setup and it also protects user from safety valve breakage.

  • Grounding connection : Based on KS(Korea Industrial Standard)

  • Wiring system : based on wiring standard (KS)

  • All output terminals are adhered with groundings and ELB (protecting the user from a fault current.

  • Emergency Pressure Safety Stop Equipment

  • Over pressure safety valve

  • Use a protective cover to block heat-transfer from outside.

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