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Name of the Product : Autoclave (Reactor in high-temperature & pressure)
Name of the Model : : IR-VC11

  1. Product description

  2. Pressure Aging chamber (Autoclave)

    This pressurizing chamber is to retain the interior part of the chamber by air generated from heating liquid in high temperature.


    Danger – Do not put inflammable materials or combustible solvents inside!


    When using in high-temperature, combustible liquids could ignite in the oven and you could be in risk of explosion.


  1. Product characteristics

    This product consists of a body, a compartment, temperature control system, and pressurizing system. Temperature control system is composed of K-type sensor, temperature controller, and a heater. Temperature controller can also control its output power along with PID control. When the heater output is higher than its set value, it stops output control. Pressurizing system is consisted of pressurizing device and safety valve and its vessel can be used up to 15kg/cm2 and safety valve is used up to 14.5kg/cm2. This product is manufactured for user’s experimental safety and convenience. Its characteristics are mentioned below.


  2. Interior part of the product was made with stainless steel.

  3. Temperature control method of the product is PID(PROPORTIONAL INTEGRAL DIFFERENTIAL)method, Temperature control method of the product is PID(Proportional Integral Differential) method, which supplies its maximum power near its set temperature. When it reaches its set temperature, power will be regularly supplied to minimize difference in temperature and maintain its stability along together.

  4. Temperature sensor is being attached to nearby inner specimens which accurately controls temperature of specimens.


Name of each part of the product


2)Tower Lamp

3)Controller(SP-590, ST-590)


5)Main Power Switch


7)Exhaust for specimen


9)Pressure gauge

10)Vent valve

11)Rupture disk

12)Pressure sensor

13)Vent solenoid valve

14)Observation window


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