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Name of the Product : Vacuum Pressure Cooker Chamber
Name of the Model : : PVO-63

Vacuum Pressure Cooker Chamber

- It carries out to vacuum, pressurize, and heat at the same time. It’s a must-have manufacturing device in electronic component industry and semiconductors. It is used for aging, removing bubbles, and checking cracks of LCD, batteries, mobile phone screens. (When automatic operation is required, it is possible to run PLC reactor. When managing several machines, it’s very efficient in cost-cutting and it helps improving in productivity along with detecting failed parts.



  1. PID Auto-Tuning Controller: Auto-tuning

  2. It finds PID value based on its surroundings to control accurate temperature.

  1. Controller that controls vacuum degree.

  2. Its safety vessel may pressurize up to 15kg/cm2

  3. When pressurizing under 5 kg/cm2, handle type hinge door type is applied.

  4. Integrally installed vacuum pump is available.





  1. It has strong durability against especially drying solvents or corrosive


  2. Stainless shelf is outstanding in transferring heat as well as durability and corrosion-resistance.

  3. The tempered glass is formed to observe inside.(Optional if it’s under 3kg/cm2)

  4. Highly-intensified packing structure maintains its definite enclosure.

  5. Enclosing efficiency of the packing is outstanding due to its high-temp. grade silicon quality.(Viton can also be applied)

  6. Vacuum line and vacuum closing line are detached.

  7. Over temperature limit system automatically shuts down the power when the temperature is overly too high. It also prevents from fire and performs safe operation.

  8. Pressure breakage button is rudimentarily installed for failures occurring in high-voltage setup and it also protects user from safety valve breakage.

  9. Drying tray can additionally be manufactured and purchased.

  10. Safety devices

  11. Grounding connection : Based on KS(Korea Industrial Standard)

  12. Wiring system : based on wiring standard (KS)

  13. All output terminals are adhered with groundings and ELB (protecting the user from a fault current.

  14. Over-pressure safety valve

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