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Name of the Product : Hydrothermal synthetic autoclave
Name of the Model : : IR-PC-300S

Materialistic synthesis formed under water especially in high-temperature and pressure, or synthesis used by metamorphic or hydrothermal reaction is called hydrothermal synthesis. There are minerals existed in nature which were formed through hydrothermal reaction is called hydrothermal deposit.

We, IREA TECH, manufacture and produce autoclaves that are capable of maintaining the state of high temperature and pressure as well as its stability.



  • There are various types of safety devices installed to protect user’s safety and specimens.

  • It’s very convenient to use.

  • Timer functions

  • With external sections installed, all parts are controllable and sectional controls are possible.

  • Pressure vessel in high-pressure and its safety device will protect user.

  • For user’s safety, emergency stop function and manual piping valve are installed.

  • Automatic type & separable type

  • Internal separation and additionally separable vessel

  • It changed to automatic open/close

  • Two-level interior SUS304 coated with Teflon

  • Three-stage safety certificates (S certificate, CE mark)

  • Automatic lift safety

  • Vacuum drying device is optional



  • Quanty -> 18L

  • Size -> IN: 300 ox 300L MM(It’s changeable in accordance with customer’s demand)

  • Temperature controller: Digital PID controller with timer up to 200C

    Accuracy: ± 2℃ at 200℃

- Gasket Type

 High performance Silicon Packing


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