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Name of the Product : PCT -65H (Multi Room Pressure cooker tester)
Name of the Model : : PCT-65H (3-level PCT Chamber)

Product Characteristics

  • By using an integral packing, it is excellent in maintaining & classifying its certain amount of pressure

  • Double-structured safety device

  • Handle type door



Various chambers are manageable even in narrow structures.

High-humidity experiment began from 40C and 90% RH and it switched to 85C and 85% RH. It enhanced reliability by enforcing more difficult cases.

The current experimental condition(85C 85% RH) has become general and was established as standard.

(IEC 749, Semiconductor Device mechanical and climatic test method JIS C 7021, Type designation system for discrete semiconductor device)

As the quality of semiconductors has gradually become outstanding, its testing time took longer with the current isothermo-isohumidity translocation experiment. There needed ones that maintains reliability of the experiment and reduce its testing time much shorter at the same time.

Pressure Cooker Tester(PCT) and Unsaturated Pressure Cooker Tester(USPCT) are currently recognized as the only environmental experiments that match international standard.(IEC)


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