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Name of the Product : : Thermal Shock Tester
Name of the Model : : TSC-036 (3-zone)

Product characteristics

Thermal shock tester is to test whether damages are made in specimens by heating and cooling them forcing sudden temperature changes.

3 zone(high temperature<->ordinary temperature<->low temperature) is air replacement method.

  1. 3-zone-method thermal shock tester is also usable in 2 zone.

  2. Horizontal circulating method providing consistent temperature distribution onto products that are tested.

  3. Specimens: Plastic molded Ics 5kg

  4. Condition to reach high temperature: 120c/in 5 min, low temperature: -50c/in 5 min

  5. It is accurately controlled by a controller that is LCD touch screen type, which optimizes the state of each and every part of the machine according to its temperature domain.

  6. Temperature is stably and accurately controllable in surroundings from -65c to 150c

  7. It has gorgeous and stable exterior image.

  8. New run fit thermal tester which is developed to meet IMC and MIL standards applied air circulating method.

  9. A newly developed controller that has informative functions simply to test thermal shock. It enhanced reliability as well as its functions. Since each chamber that contains enough cooling & heating resources was designed for low and high temperature, it guarantees 5 minute of temperature restoring time without having supplementary cooling.


*Measuring method

- Put products in the chamber and shift them repeatedly high and low temperature sections.  

 At this moment, measure changes of that product. Measure its temperature and displacement caused by temperature changes, and strain measurements. When it is an electric board, measure its resistance.


  1. Use a chamber that controls temperature and humidity changes when measuring state changes of the product.

  2. A sensor detecting changes of the product should be attached to it, apart from chamber control.

  3. Types of sensors: Acceleration sensor, LVDT(displacement), Torque sensor, Strain Gage(stress measurement), Load cell(Weight), Thermocouple(Temperature), dew point instrument(dew point temperature measurement), voltage probe, current probe.

  4. User must choose a sensor that fits the quantity he wants to measure.


  5. Professional consultation is required when choosing methods, types or attaching places of the sensor is because they are different depending upon their type, forms, quality, and strength.

  6. Monitor(Touch Screen Type)

    All functions are displayed in the large LED screen as graphics and letters. It is easily controllable by pressing touch screens.

    The operating progress of the machine is shown in graph of the monitor.

  7. Setting a mass storage program

    User may set an extensive program of 300 patterns and 3000 segments. When repeating the program, it can be unlimitedly repeated maximum 999 times.

    It has simple screen display and fixation degree done by touch screen method

    It also has a program operational function and manual operation by input error of +/- 0.1% fixation degree.

    Over-shoot suppressive function by purge

  8. Computer Interface / Strong telecommunicative function

    High Interface done by RS-485(ELA RS485 Standard)

    Software that can set up every parameter and program patterns on the PC is prepared

    PC-Link, Ladder communication, cooperative operation and etc(four protocols)

  9. Cable Port (only 3 zone)

    When other machines connected with the power to operate inside the chamber, it may go through the cable.  

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