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Name of the Product : HAST chamber
Name of the Model : : IR-HAST-80F

Product Characteristics

  • Unsaturated-type pressure vessel is popular with broad interior space and high precision degree. It has a renewed colorful screen display with pressure cookers. Conversational input and graphic indicator are made for especially user’s convenience.

  • Humidity maintenance & Re-cooling mode, Initial auto-water supply fixture, electrical clamp and two other saturation tests are possible.




  1. Color Program Touch Screen Controller is used for displaying information of the chamber precisely.

  2. With automatic safety device, it stops automatically when the failure occurs.

  3. A forced exhaust system using a fan for stability and distribution chart of temperature & humidity in the chamber.

  4. It has automatic stop & pressure termination after setting automatic water supply and its set range.

  5. HAST stands for ‘Highly Accelerated Temperature/Humidity Test’

    It’s an alternative for THB test which lasts shorter.

    THB test takes about 1000 hours to complete, HAST takes only 96~100 hours. Many companies these days, have been replacing THB with HAST. HAST has becoming very popular.

  6. Like THB test, HAST accelerates corrosion of metallic mold lines and thin film-resistant device.

    HAST works electrical bias in 130C, 85%RH for 96 to 100 hours.

  7. During HAST stress test, electrical bias should be defined based on following.

  8. It should always be on the surface of the mold to minimize power loss.

  9. Contact as many bias back and forth as possible(low and high voltage) on the opposite side with pins

  10. Maximize all voltage differences.

  11. Voltage range for the operation of the device should be maximized in a controllable state while power dispersion is being made.

  12. The sample of HAST stress Test should be put on the HAST plate first, before putting into the chamber.

  13. HAST plate is manufactured to endure even in stronger stress which is relatively expensive.

  14. HAST is limited in small changes influencing disturbance in corrosion of the product.

    Therefore, HAST materials are always demanded in changes of the new process, decoration, and assembling places.

  15. HAST is presented not only in changes of metallism, thin film-resistant device, plastic compounds but also in a mold. It is also often used in reliability evaluation for estimated corrosion caused by ionic contamination.                

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