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Name of the Product : Thermo-hygrostat (Benchtop)
Name of the Model : : SH-01G



The product is designed by an outstanding professional designer that shows gorgeous and brilliant aspects.


  1. It always provides clear view, installing heating lines in the heat-treated observation window.

  2. By using double locking device, protecting specimens is the top priority.

  3. We chose a brand-new style of the handle to softly open and close. You will feel its smooth movement of the door.

  4. Anyone can easily and quickly fix it whenever failures occur by using less-noised freezer and a new eco-friendly refrigerant.

  5. Cooling units and its relevant components were imported from the internationally popular firm Tecumseh, which enhanced the level of its reliability.

  6. Specially-manufactured controller is designed to easily operate and use.

  7. Water tank supplies the quantity of twenty five liters at a time that there is no need to re-fill the tank once it’s filled. With water sensor attached to it, it alarms which allows users to know when the tank needs to be filled.

  8. With a safety device attached to it, possible failures of the machine could easily be found.(ex. Overheating, subcooled preventive circuit, humidity warning alarm, water-level alarm, short circuit breaker etc.)

  9. You may test changes in temperature & humidity of Industrial environmental experiments(flight, information, electronics, space flights and etc.), products in metal(low-temperature), life test, durability test, constant temperature & humidity test, and hygrothermal acceleration are tested in constant surroundings.

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