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Name of the Product : fluidized bed dryer
Name of the Model : : BD-600


Fluidized bed dryer is used in conditions below.

  1. When drying is needed for gel-like or liquid like specimens.

  2. Generally used in thermal-denaturalized or thermosetting experiments, preheating before any experiments, drying constructional materials or electronic components and heat-resisting test.

  3. Moisture removal from any food, or minutely remained moisture on the specimens.

    (This dryer can be designed and manufactured in different sizes and temperature range in accordance with the customer’s demand.


Special features

  1. The desk type of this dryer is required relatively smaller spaces and its vertical type requires bigger spaces.

  2. The interior part of the dryer is made of high-caliber mirror stainless steel sheet and its exterior is polished with baking.

  3. Tempered glass is being attached in the observation window of the desk type dryer to facilitate to observe specimens inside.

  4. The connecting parts with interior is made of silicon rubber and it guarantees a precise temperature distribution by perfectly blocking between inside and outside of the door.

  5. Other control parts other than power switch, power display light, air absorbing controller, and temperature controller are located in the control panel in front of the machine.

  6. Temperature heating system of the dryer is composed of a ring part, motor, electric heater, and temperature controller. When you turn on the switch of the oven, motor rotates, as heat goes through dried specimens in the chamber, then absorbed in the fan by its air duct, which is then fully generated by the electric heater on the bottom of the dryer, it is eventually emitted through the top. This types of circulation continues until the temperature becomes stable.

  7. Temperature controller has such special features as following.

  8. It controls the temperature accurately.

  9. The set temperature and the temperature inside the chamber are digitally displayed.

  10. The set temperature has functions for safety device. When the temperature in the chamber is 60c higher than its set temperature, it automatically blocks the power of the heater and it alarms right away.

  11. Temperature control method of the product is PID(Proportional Integral Differential) method, which supplies its maximum power near its set temperature. When it reaches its set temperature, power will be regularly supplied to minimize difference in temperature and maintain its stability along together.


Names of each part



  1. Drying container

  2. Temperature sensor

  3. Handle
  4. Temperature Controller
  5. Temperature timer and switch

  6. Blower loader

  7. RPM controller

  8. Heater switch

  9. Blower switch

  10. Attenuator

  11. Main Power

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