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Name of the Product : Oven(made on demand)
Name of the Model : : FO-600S


  1. With luxurious steel-made exterior and polished stainless steel are designed inside the chamber.

  2. PID control-method temperature controller accurately and stably controls temperature inside the chamber.(Programmed LCD temperature controller is optional)

  3. Fan operating in high temperature and Hot-air circulating system composed by air duct maintain consistent temperature distribution in the chamber and rapid in moisture evaporation.

  4. Over-heated preventive system automatically shuts down the power when it is over limited temperature which prevents itself from fire and designed for safe operation.

  5. A recorder or a printer(option) that can print out progress change and parameter of the measured temperature. There is a regulator that controls circulation of outer atmosphere along with humidity emission.




  1. Temperature Recorder

  2. Programmed Temperature controller

  3. A rotating device could be inserted based on its usage

  4. It can be manufactured for usage in high temperature.

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