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Name of the Product : Muffle Furnace
Name of the Model : : MF-5L

Product Features

  1. A programmed digital PID-auto tuning temperature control method – It has +/-2% of temperature control precision degree. (K-type sensor)

  2. With an exhaust system with many holes installed between ceramic wool insulator and electric furnace, exterior part of the product does not get overheated by electricity.

  3. You may test in high temperature up to 1050c(up to 1200c –exposing type) with SIC heater.

    (up to 1700C can be manufactured based on size)

  4. Programmed temperature control is possible.(option)

  5. Inlet valve for nitrogen purge.(option)

  6. Ball valve for controlling nitrogen purge.(option)

  7. Different-sized models are manufactured in accordance with customer’s demand.

  8. Outlet pipe can be attachable.(option)

  9. Through an exhaust system, there is no heat leakage due to a complete adhesion.

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