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Name of the Product : : Cold lab chamber
Name of the Model: : CL-1200

Product features

  1. It’s a storage chamber that can stably store many different types of reagents and specimens.

  2. PID controller controls its temperature and shaking speed.

  3. It has a strong durability due to the quality of stainless steel and it’s easy to clean.

  4. It stably maintains its set temperature to safely protect the samples inside.

  5. With a self-developed unit cooler attached which makes less noise and it has functions to defrost.

  6. Double-structured window is chosen for the front door for easy observation and it has less influence by temperature.

  7. Flurescent lights and power socket could be installed inside the chamber for user’s convenience. (optional)

  8. A system that periodically emits noxious gas inside the chamber can be also installed.

  9. A doubled safety device that is prepared to back up when storing important specimens such as blood.

  10. Foreign-made water-closing type sensor method is more precise than just an air exposing method.

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