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Name of the Product : Battery-Wave Stage Pressure Tester
Name of the Model: : PT-04

This wave-stage pressure tester is a pressurizing device that tests those weak parts of batteries.


This product consists of a control panel, needle, and a compressor. The control panel allows you to insert your set pressure through the touch panel and displays pressure value that breaks out of it. The pressurizing system is composed of its pressure device, valve, and a pressure vessel that may be used up to 20 bar.

This product has various characteristics regarding to its user’s safety and convenience.


  1. The interior parts of the product was manufactured with stainless steel.

  2. When the pressure inside the product gets broken out, it maintains its value.

1) Compressor 

2)Air Saving Tank

3) Pressure Gauge








4) Touch Panel


5)Air-quantity needle valve

6) Pressure authorizing switch


7) Power switch





8)Measuring Needle






9)It indicates current pressure

10) When authorizing pressure by set pressure indicator, it ultimately increases its set pressure


11) Stage pressure indicator




12) Cooling Blower Power switch

13) Power switch

14) By using the touch screen, user may insert set pressure.


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